Saturday, November 27, 2010

Fruitless Stalker Attack Increases Divorced Dudes Metrics

November 11th marked the start date of what became an interestingly wide spread and week long Cyber-attack against writer/director Bill Stoneking and the film, "Divorced Dudes."  With the announcement that the film was near 70% completion in production, a vicious stalker set out to personally destroy the writer & the film, not caring about the nearly 70 member cast that they were potentially harming.The stalker has since been discovered and faces a significant law suit for libel and defamation having sent false and scandalous information to the media which rebuked the stalker.

Needless to say, the efforts of the obviously mentally ill attention seeker proved fruitless. Bill Stoneking who has an unquestionable and impeccable reputation for helping other actors and film makers alike was able to ward off the attack like rain drops on rubber, simply by nature of his reputation in the Chicago film market.

Bill Stoneking has promoted every film project he's ever been part of, and simple web research proves that out. On top of that, he's helped both new and experienced actors with the assembly of resume's, actors demo reels, voice-over coaching and the assembly of voice-over demos.  He's also helped aspiring and established talent with creating websites and youtube sites and as any talent will tell you, did so without so much as asking for a dime. "I help everyone out in this business and with the many services that ask for money from the starving artist, I help try to give them some kind of advantage or at least equal chance against the other guy that can afford expensive services." Stoneking stated "and anyone with talent deserves a fair opportunity to show their talent and skills.".

Divorced Dudes is a Chicago Independent film with a Hollywood quality story and flare that has success written all over it.  With attention to it from Hollywood to Bollywood, to date, Divorced Dudes has globally, an audience on nearly every continent, supported by audience metrics of 5,778,943 impressions on the web as this article is penned. And our gender interactions metrics show a nice balance as well.

The recent Cyber-attack on Divorced Dudes and Bill Stoneking and his cast has not only driven up web impressions, and increased audience demographics, but caused other distributors to inquire to when the trailer will be out.  The attack itself, and with such aggression opened eyes. Such an aggressive effort at destruction only meant that some jealous failure was attempting to harm something that was truly a winner.

The stalker who's name will be kept from this article will be released upon the commencement of litigation.
The person involved has a bad reputation in the entertainment business, and has in fact harmed other productions and talent, and has in fact engaged in behaviors that will ultimately destroy him. DDP Ltd will release the name of the offender upon commencement of litigation and such action will serve to protect other films and talent from frauds such as the Divorced Dudes stalker.

To our loyal cast and audience, at least this loser gave us a good laugh.

Happy Holidays from Divorced Dudes Media Relations.